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4 TW Augustus Martin
TW The Factory

Trickett & Webb

“After a year in business we sent every job we’d done to the Designers in Britain exhibition. They were all accepted and a journalist interviewed us. The first question was ‘What’s your company philosophy’. We hadn’t stopped to think, we said ‘Good work for interesting people’.”

Lynn Trickett and Brian Webb met in 1970 while working at the Derek Forsyth Partnership in London. They formed Trickett & Webb Limited the following year. Their work included designs for posters, packaging, corporate identity as well as exhibition design.

Trickett & Webb received more than 100 design awards around the world including New York Art Directors Club, Communication Arts USA, Packaging Design Council USA, Museum of Toyama Japan, Red Dot Germany, Creative Review Awards, D&AD and Design Week Awards and their work has been exhibited worldwide including 'Communicate: Independent British Graphic Design since the Sixties' (Barbican Art Gallery, London 2004) and is in in the permanent collections of the V&A, MoMA, Science Museum London, British Council Collection, Icograda Poster Collection and the London Transport Museum.

In 2003 Brian Webb and James Webb formed Webb & Webb.

Augustus Martin
Bloomsbury Publishing
British Airways
British Telecom
Harper Collins
John Frieda
London Transport
Marks & Spencer
Penguin Books
Royal Mail
Royal Doulton
Thames Television
WH Smith
(and many brilliantly supporting one person companies…)

Active January 1971 — January 2003
Partners Lynn Trickett
Brian Webb
Location The Factory, Marchmont Street, London, UK

Augustus Martin

The screen printer Augustus Martin, who produced showroom material for Volvo, asked Trickett & Webb to design a promotion for their company. A printing company opened up possibilities… lots of colour and processes. Rather than a one-off that would get thrown away, a calendar would last the whole year. Produced from 1983–2003, 12 friendly artists and illustrators, including Ian Beck, Jeff Fisher, George Hardie, Sir Peter Blake, Glynn Boyd Hart, Dan Fern, Paul Davis, Andrzej Klimowski, Sara Fanelli, Marion Deuchars, Jason Ford, Steven Guarnaccia, Jake Tilson, Lawrence Zeegen and Aude van Ryn worked with the designers to create something that would be impossible as individuals.

1 TW Doughnut

‘Ich bin ein Berliner / I am a Doughnut’, 1992

'Pizza to Go’, 2002

2 TW Pizza
3 TW Touch Base

’Touching Base with a Game Plan’, 2003

Augustus Martin also claimed to be Europe’s largest screen printer. Trickett & Webb took them at their word, making their name bigger than their vans…

4 TW Augustus Martin


1 TW Boots Tins

Boots Christmas Gifts, 1980s

WHSmiths ‘Expressions’ range, 1990

2 TW WH Smiths Expressions
3 TW WH Smiths A4

WHSmiths recycled paper, 1991

WHSmiths children’s making kits, 1992

4 TW WH Smiths Kids
5 TW Floris

Floris London, 2000

Royal Mail

From the company’s stamp designs ‘Urban Renewal’ in 1984, the Christmas 1988 set, illustrated by Andrew Davidson and photographed by Lucinda Lambton, that form a continuous mantelpiece of season’s greetings, 1992 designs based on entries from a BBC Blue Peter competition, ‘Memories’ that allow you to pick the message, 2003's ’Transports of Delight’ or the award winning '1000 Years 1000 Words: A Celebration of the Royal Mail Millennium Stamps Project’ postage stamps, special editions and first day covers were all part and parcel of the work Trickett & Webb did for Royal Mail.

1 TW Stamps x3
2 TW Memories Stamps
3 TW Transport Stamps
4 TW 1000 Years
5 TW 1000 Years Spreads


1 TW Volvo Wiggins

‘A Volvo is the Sum of its Parts’, Volvo Parts & Service, 1979
‘Works on Paper’, Wiggins Teape, 1982

’SIT’, RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), 1983

2 TW Sit
3 TW LT Posters x 3

’Simply Fashion’ (a homage to Man Ray), London Transport, 1999
‘Underground/Over Here’ / ‘Fly the Tube to New York’, New York exhibition posters, London Transport, 2001

’Sixty Years Passenger Service for the Capital’, London Transport, 1993
‘Canary Wharf’, 2003, ‘Bright Lights’, London Transport, 2003

4 TW LT Posters x 3 B