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1977 Design

A proudly independent agency, 1977 Design was founded on the premise of ‘communication by design’ – effective design is not about the things designed, but the desired reactions and subsequent results encouraged. Great design is about encouraging people to think, feel or do something.

Key clients included:
Arsenal FC
Chelsea FC
Manchester United FC
Momentum Pictures
National Football Museum
Paramount Pictures
PWR Events
The Football League

Active April 2002 — April 2018
Partners Paul Bailey
Jonathan Beacher
Location Angel, London


The work with Adidas was to promote a range of new products, over the space of a few years. To reflect the quality of the products, a variation of high-end paper stocks and print finishes were utilised.  

adiPURE launch book.

1977 1947 Adipure
1977 2114 Adipure
1977 2123 Adipure
1977 2119 Adipure

Techfit launch book.

1977 1949
1977 2024
1977 2029
1977 2022
1977 2 2585 Adipure

Arsenal FC

Starting by working on their museum design, 1977 Design's work with Arsenal FC spanned a number of years. From yearly membership packs to the whole brand architecture. From the Junior Gunners to the Diamond Club. The work with Arsenal FC reached all of their audiences through a great deal of their sub-brands. 

Museum design.

Arsenal Museum14
Arsenal Museum11
Arsenal Museum3
Arsenal Museum1
Arsenal Museum12
Arsenal Museum2

'1977 Design understand both our values and, crucially, our supporters. Their design approaches always appeal to the relevant audience whilst remaining true to Arsenal’s heritage and vision.'
Chris Bevan – Marketing Manager, Arsenal Football Club


1977 2080
1977 2085
1977 2090
1977 2085
AW 3737 Arsenal Brand Guidelines Page 05
AW 3737 Arsenal Brand Guidelines Page 14

Membership pack.

1977 2100
1977 2102
1977 2109
1977 2105
1977 2291
1977 2284
1977 2286

The Football League

Work began with The Football League when 1977 Design were invited to design their Annual Report. On working with The Football League for a number of years, they then spoke to the agency about producing a book that would promote the League Cup to potential sponsors. Printing only 100 copies, and utilising a number of high-end print techniques, the book went out to the CEOs of leading businesses.

'1977 Design helped us deliver a premium coffee-table style book telling the story of the League Cup'
David Malkinson – Head of Marketing, The Football League

League Cup sponsorship.

1977 2076 League Cup Book
1977 1935 League Cup Book
1977 2060 League Cup Book
1977 2063 League Cup Book
1977 2069 League Cup Book
1977 2071 League Cup Book
1977 2074 League Cup Book
1977 2265 League Cup Book
1977 2273 League Cup Book

'The reader-focused approach to our Season Review made it a great read for fans, partners and journalists'
David Malkinson – Head of Marketing, The Football League

Annual Report.

1977 2092
1977 2255
1977 2252
1977 2258

National Football Museum

1977 Design worked alongside museum design agency Mather & Co on many of their projects. One of the largest of these was the new museum in Manchester, the National Football Museum. This work was one of the largest museum design projects undertaken.

1977 Design image 1
IMG 6008small
Mather NFM 10small
Mather NFM 13small
Mather NFM 29small
Mather NFM 45small
Mather NFM 16small
Mather NFM 64small


Working with Wimbledon for over a decade, the agency touched many areas of this great club and Championships. The most prominent of these was the museum, for which they designed the brand identity, promotional materials, and the museum graphics themselves. 

WLTM 2col land
Wimbledon 2009 06 cc360ad01
1977 1987
1977 2212
1977 2207
DSC 0012 copy

Museum design.

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Wimb 060
Gentlemens Memorabilia 2
Tennis Today
Wimb 089
Wimb 148